Monday, February 28, 2011

Visiting Wilford School

On my last trip to Wilford School I was treated to a quick trip around the classrooms to see what was happening.  To enact the values and the vision, the school has two areas of focus on  Building Learning Power and Choice Theory which are taught throughout the year. 

Building Learning Power links with Choice Theory and teaches students the competencies or dispositions they need to function successfully in the world. It forms out of  the Learning Culture. The  Inquiry approach is used to teach in a way which is child centred. 

The school has three themes a year. The first theme is Systems. Students are studying eco-systems, Marae systems and local council systems. Choice Theory and Building Learning Power are the scaffolding that supports teaching and learning in the school.

In every classroom I visited  there was evidence of the Inquiry, Learning Power, Choice Theory or the ideas that Bob Sullo had presented.

Photo One:  Liam ( Room 12)  is working on his waka in which he will be putting things from his Quality World.

  Photo Two: Choice Theory charts

 Photo Three:  Learning Power Inquiry

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