Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Changing of the Guard

During the London Olympic Games opening ceremony young athletes aged between 16 and 19 took turns with the Olympic Torch as they ran around the Olympic stadium. 

These young athletes, nominated by various famous British athletes from the past, symbolised the passing of the mantle from the past to the future.    

This was reminiscent of the dinner on the final night at the recent William Glasser Association International conference in Los Angeles.

In this photo Carleen and Dr Glasser with daughter-in-law Pam Glasser are backed by members of the International Board.  This symbolised the passing of the mantle from Dr Glasser to the International Board and into the future.

Juan Pablo Aljure, Colombia, Linda Harshman ( Legal Board), Masaki Kakitani, Japan, Janet Fain Morgan, USA, Mirjana Palcic BubnicSlovenia, Ellen Gelinas, Canada, Mitchell Messina, South Africa, Jim Montagnes, Canada, Lucy Robbins, USA, Ivan Honey Australia and Brian Lennon (Chair) from Ireland.

The work of the Board in maintaining the integrity of Choice Theory and its applications  will continue to evolve as plans are put in place to do this important task. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Win with Choice: The Symbolism and Hope of the London Olympic Games...

Win with Choice: The Symbolism and Hope of the London Olympic Games...: While watching the march-past (perhaps these days more of a walk past) of the athletes at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Game...

Friday, July 6, 2012

Changing language, changing thinking

I was visited by a six year old girl recently and we were talking about school.  She told me that sometimes her friend was mean to her.  In wanting to change her thinking about this behaviour I asked her "Do you think that she was just trying to get what she wanted?"  She nodded her head knowingly.

In helping children to reframe the behaviour of others into Choice Theory language we can help them to see that all behaviour has a purpose.  Exploring behaviour in this way opens up the discussion for self evaluation.  Try it some time.  It is fun to see the understanding develop in children so young.