Monday, August 27, 2012

Central Region meet at Tokoroa

Raewyn Thorne, Regional Coordinator of the William Glasser Institute-New Zealand has sent in this report of a recent meeting held in New Zealand.

Last Thursday a small group of people who had completed a Basic Intensive Week at different times in the last 15 years, met in Tokoroa, part of the Central region with Bette Blance. 

After coffee and nibbles and a catch up chat, Tina-Maree Hooper shared a little of her experiences at the Glasser Conference in Los Angeles in June and some of the ideas she had brought back with her.  

The Choice Theory chart came to life again as Bette walked around it and linked it to our discussions and behaviours. We also reviewed the axioms of Choice Theory. 

Feedback has included "I just learn a little more every time"  and "It's great to have the chance to ask questions in a small group". 

We arranged to meet again in November when another 6 or 7 will have completed their Basic Intensive Training.

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