Sunday, August 19, 2012

Choice Theory in Action.

This story comes from Raewyn Whiteman Thorne who is the Regional Coordinator for the William Glasser Institute - New Zealand.  She is at Tokoroa North Primary School.

Her story was about one particular student who came off the field more than a bit stroppy at interval complaining about another student.  He said he was being mean, he wouldn't let him play and was saying mean stuff.

The boy stood beside Raewyn huffing and puffing with a bit of swearing.  Raewyn said to him, "So what do you want?  Do you want to play or to stand here with me, you can only sort out your stuff not the other boy."

He stood there sulking for a few minutes and within five minutes was back on the field, hesitantly at first, then he got over it and did really well.

"We reflected later" said Raewyn "and he could tell me exactly how it was and what he had to sort out."  

Choice Theory made it so simple.

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